Susan Dworsky, Realtor


Top Ten Reasons To Move To Sarasota

  1. The World Class Beaches

People from all over the world come to visit the Sarasota area for its world-renowned beaches. Imagine living within a few minutes drive to Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast? Not a bad way to live life right?

  1. Best Place To Retire

There’s a reason why retired people from up north visit Sarasota for an extended vacation during the cold winter months. To enjoy a stress-free lifestyle. In fact, many of the same people who visit the area a few months out of the year end up permanently moving to the area to retire.

 Money Magazine ranks Sarasota as the “Nation’s Best Small City” and one of the “Best Places to Retire”!

  1. Culture

Sarasota has something for anyone who likes a little culture in their life! You’ll love the art festivals, farmers markets, opera performances, live musical entertainment, and the art walks! No matter what culture and arts activities you enjoy, you’ll find it year-round here!

  1. Affordability

One of the best things about living in Sarasota is there’s no state income tax, low property taxes and a ton of budget-friendly housing options!

  1. Quality of Life

You’ll be able to wake up every day and go visit some of the best beaches in the world! You’ll also get a small town vibe while in Sarasota which brings out friendlier people, fewer crowds and of course, less traffic.

  1. Beautiful Golf Courses

Want to improve your golf stroke? You can do just that at one of the many courses nearby. Here in Sarasota, you can play a round of golf every week of the year! There’s no snow here!

  1. Craft Beer Scene

Enjoy a nice cold beer? If so, you’ll love the emerging craft beer scene that Sarasota offers! This Southwest Florida style of beer is amazingly good and the best part is the area is home to over a dozen craft breweries to choose from! Your mouth will never be dry, that’s for sure! Is rum more your thing? Sarasota is also home to the famous Siesta Key Rum!

  1. Amazing Restaurants

You’ll find so many unique restaurants in the area you can eat at a new restaurant every day of the year! One thing we love about Sarasota is how diverse the food scene is! From Italian to seafood, you’ll have a new favorite restaurant in no time!

  1. Things To Do

There are so many different things to do around Sarasota every day of the year! If that’s not enough, then you’ll love how close Sarasota is to St. Petersburg and Tampa! Watch for the Top 10 Things to Do In Sarasota – coming soon!

  1. Weather & Climate

Tired of cold weather? You’ll love the winterless wonderland in Sarasota!

     Month-By-Month Average Temperature In Sarasota, Florida:

      January:  71 | 52

     February:  73 | 54

     March:  76 | 57

     April:  81 | 62

     May:  86 | 67

     June:  89 73

     July:  90 | 75

     August:  90 | 74

     September:  89 | 74

     October:  85 | 68

     November: 79| 60

     December: 73 | 54