Susan Dworsky, Realtor


Top 10 Reasons To Move To Venice, Florida

  1. Venice Beach 

You can’t go wrong with living in a town that’s right on the beach…  Visit the beach 365 days a year… How does taking morning walks on the beach everyday sound to you? Also, did you know that off the coast there’s a coral reef? Pretty cool right?

  1. Weather & Climate

Imagine waking up everyday to beautiful warm weather? If you’re tired of the snow, then Venice is the place you need to be!

        Month-By-Month Average Temperature In Venice Florida:

         January:  72 | 52

        February:  73 | 54

        March:  77 | 58

        April:  82 | 62

        May:  86 | 68

        June:  89 | 73

        July:  90 | 75

        August:  91 | 75

        September:  89 | 73

        October:  85 | 67

       November: 79 | 60

       December:  74 | 55

      3. Downtown Venice 

We love scrolling through the cute little shops and businesses along Venice Avenue. There’s always a great breeze since the avenue dead ends into Venice Beach.

  1. Golfing Year-Round

There are dozens of golf courses all within an hour drive. Not to mention some actually in Venice itself. You’ll be living in a golfer’s paradise!

  1. Water Activities

Venice is not only located along the beach, it’s also located along Roberts Bay! Perfect place for fishing, taking out the jet-ski and getting out on the water.

  1. Maxine Barritt Park

This park is a must visit.  Perfect place for a walk along the lake. The park is also home to Paw Park Beach. Venice’s dog beach!

  1. Quality of Life 

You wake up every day feeling like you’re on vacation… The beach is only a few minutes away and there’s always a nice ocean breeze!

  1. Fishing 

Fish lovers will love fishing off of the Venice Fishing Pier! The area is also home to dozens of great fishing charters as well!

  1. Harbor Drive South

This is one of our favorite streets in Florida. As you drive down it, you’ll see the Florida charm everywhere you look! Oh and some beautiful homes!

  1. Florida Wildlife 

Florida is home to some of the most beautiful birds in the world. You’ll see plenty here in Venice. Keep your eyes on the water for a dolphin sighting… Dolphins love calling Venice home just as much as humans do! You’ll also see the famous Florida lizards and a few alligators here and there.